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Crazy Tubes
9' tall Cluster of Dancing Tubes!

Instant excitement!

Crazy Tubes create an instant party atmosphere in any location, bringing colorful animation and adding a wild level of excitement to an event.  The high-performance fan rushes air up and through the cluster of six nylon coated Crazy Tubes, keeping a consistent fill so they can "stay alive."  Useful for creating a focus on an entry or featured space, several clusters are often grouped for an even bigger effect, let our designers create a "chorus of color" for your vision. 

Complete system arrives with Crazy Tubes (cluster of 6, see color choices below) and High Performance Vortex Fan to keep the tubes wildly waving.  Sets up in minutes and will run continuously while powered.

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Pricing and ordering information shown below.

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Call toll-free to order:  877-884-2402
email:  contact@giant-inflatables.com

1W-Crazy Tubes 9' Crazy Tubes
(Cluster of 6)
$399.00 $320.00 $719.00

Air Vortex - High PerformanceFan

Works with all types of dancers. The high performance design allows air to flow in a circular motion around the outside of the dancer which holds the shape better than any other fan we've used.

The adjustable speed and low noise output makes this fan ideal for indoors events as well as outdoors.


email:  contact@giant-inflatables.com


Toll-free:  877-884-2402



Call toll-free (US) to order: 1-877-884-2402 or fax: (206)781-1401
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