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Custom Shaped Inflatables
Parade Balloons - Inflatable Displays

We can create whatever you envision!

Our design team brings expert craftsmanship to create a three-dimensional display that brings to life the vision of your project. Whether the inflatable is for a parade, sales event or tradeshow booth, the impact that these impressive giants bring to the event is extraordinary.

Don't let the parade pass you by!! Custom shaped inflatables are a passive way to aggressively advertise your brand. Why pay thousands for short-term print media or billboard advertising when a one-time purchase can deliver great results over and over again? Make a lasting impression by incorporating your logo or mascot into a colorful flying display, a portable and reusable display than can be ready to fly in minutes. Fly one of these custom inflatables above your tradeshow booth and make sure all attendees know who you are. 

The custom shaped inflatables are available in sizes up to 30', big enough to be seen for miles. The PVC material is manufactured with a UV inhibitor that will protect it from fading. Color is not applied as a coating, but formulated into the material, so the color will never peel or crack. Artwork is digitally applied using a flexible urethane based paint that will not peel or wrinkle.  At 18 mil thick, the material is stronger and more durable than most standard inflatable displays.


It is clear from the gallery of examples shown on this page that our design team will take on any project, large or small. Each custom inflatable is shipped as a complete kit, all you need is the helium. Since laws do not permit shipment of helium tanks, it is the only component that you will need to supply locally, everything else you'll need is included in the kit. Helium tank delivery is easy to set up with one phone call and is widely available in most areas.

Kit includes:

  • Custom-shaped inflatable (choice of colors)

  • Harness strings attached

  • 125 foot tether line

  • 5 foot inflation hose (attaches to helium tank)

  • Repair kit

  • Instruction manual

Click on an image for larger view

Click on an image for larger view

20' Flying Head

Character replicas for
tradeshow booth, 3' & 12'

12' Light bulb

15' Chinese Lantern

10' Flying Pig

30' Penguin for Parade

10' Panda Balloon

18' Flying Camel

30' Flying Saucer

18' Airplane

30' Parade Balloon

16' Long Race Car Trailer

13' Inflatable Dart

30' Flying Hot Dog

10' Football Design

Hanging Golf Balls for Tradeshow Booth

22' Jet Ski

20' US Air Force Airplane

20' Flying Sofa

40 Bee for Parade

10' Flying Dice with Banner

15' Flying Palm Tree

10' Lion Balloon

28' Motorcycle

10' Heart

10' Flying Tomato

22' Ball

10' Soccer Ball

14' Logo Soccer Ball

Happy Sunshine


14' Flying Car

18' Golf Cart

15' Fish

30' Flying Race Car

13' Inflatable Phone

30' 3-Headed Dragon

15' Inflatable Caulking Gun

22' Dolphin

20' Ice Cream Cone

22' Flying Car

10' Football

14' Tall Frog

24' Tiger Shark for Parade

10' Peanut for Tradeshow

15' Bus for Tradeshow

32' Bunny for Parade

30' Giant Flying Ant

22' Cessna for Tradeshow

20' Bottle & 20' Can for TV Commercial

10' Wide Hamburger

8' Satellite for Tradeshow Booth

Parade Dolphin

14' Bottle Balloon

15' Duracell Battery

30' Flying Saucer

28' Train (flying above train station)

12' Scuba Tank for Tradeshow Booth

20' Airplane

12' Light Bulb for Parade

12' Stopwatch

18' Elephant

11' Watermelon

15' Flying Hippo for Parade

12' Train for Tradeshow Booth

10' Artistic Balloon for Art Gallery with interior lighting.

25' Flying Pig for County Fair

15' Flying TVs



E-mail:  contact@giant-inflatables.com


Toll-free:  877-884-2402


Call toll-free (US) to order: 1-877-884-2402 or fax: (206)781-1401
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